Our Lien Company’s Process

You need to secure prompt payments to protect your business’s bottom line. Prolien makes it easy with our four-step approach for collecting overdue accounts and competitive rates. Here’s how our lien company works:

Construction Site

Step One: Serving a Preliminary Lien Notice

We provide nationwide research, preparation, and service of preliminary lien notices. By preparing and serving accurate notices for you, we ensure you preserve your rights for filing mechanic’s liens if you’re not paid in full by your customers.


Accuracy matters a lot in this field. If the information on a preliminary notice is inaccurate, you could lose your lien rights. That’s why our preliminary notice company follows a rigorous and detailed research method to maximize the accuracy of your job site information. Our research continues until we can independently verify that your preliminary notice is completely correct.

Step Two: Making a Demand for Payment

Secure overdue payments while maintaining good working relationships with your clients by choosing Prolien. In the event of slow or non-payment, we work with your customers to settle the account before legal action is taken. We will send out a demand letter and then follow up by phone to resolve the matter. In our experience, payment collections are most effective when the demand letter or call originates from a third party. By separating yourself from the process, you can continue the working relationship that is necessary to complete the job.

Step Three: Filing a Mechanic’s Lien

If it becomes necessary, we file mechanic’s liens on your behalf. A mechanic’s lien (also called a claim of lien, statement of lien, or simply a lien) is a claim for payment for services provided by a contractor, supplier, or subcontractor for the improvement of real property. When properly recorded, a lien secures the amount you are owed against the property.

Step Four: Pursuing Legal Action

Ultimately, in the event of non-payment, we can recommend an experienced mechanic’s lien law firm to handle your case and collect the payment you’re due. However, very few cases reach this step thanks to our lien company’s thorough approach.