About Us

Our mission: provide unparalleled client service through the efficient, cost-effective, accurate, and timely processing of preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens, stop payment notices, bond claims, and other construction-related documents.


With over 45 years of experience, we at Prolien understand the demands placed upon you to ensure your company’s bottom-line profitability. That’s why our team has been dedicated to providing the best protection, competitive pricing, and exceptional client care since 1986. We have no sign-up fees or annual membership costs, empowering you to take advantage of our services immediately without compromising your bottom-line or lien rights.

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How We Help

Let’s face it: your business is “sales driven.” Without sales, there is nothing. Nevertheless, sales are only the first step in a profitable enterprise; you must also ensure the collection of your receivables. That is where Prolien can help.


It is important to understand that a preliminary notice is not a lien or a reflection on the integrity of your customer. Frankly, it is in both parties’ interest to ensure you get paid. Without the foundation of an accurate and timely preliminary notice, you lose the deep pockets available for collection and must look solely to your customer for payment.


A point person will be assigned to manage your account and ensure that your needs are met. Our knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff is eager to begin serving your document preparation needs.

What We Do

Prolien researches and prepares accurate and timely preliminary notices which are served “Certified” through USPS. As an extra security measure, we recommend that preliminary notices be posted with “Certified-Return Receipt.” We also research, prepare, and record mechanic’s liens nationwide.


Prolien is ready to sign and record all of your documents as “Agent” (Notice Preparing Entity). For your convenience, you may opt to have the documents prepared and sent to you for signature and distribution.


Our document processing has been well-crafted and mastered over the past decades, but it is our client service that sets us apart from other document preparation companies. We provide a free advice hotline for your questions and referral for construction collections. Our team also delivers seminars to further educate you, your staff, and customers on the benefits and legal implications surrounding preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens, stop payment notices, and notices to surety.